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Are you in need of a showcase for your products or services? Or are you perhaps looking to entice your customers in new innovative ways? Let’s create something amazing together!

We can help bring your ideas to life by planning out an initial product design and creating a prototype that allows you to first test the waters. Once happy, we can take the design or prototype to a full-fledged application or game. VR and AR are incredibly powerful solutions to visualize your products to your customers close-up.

We specialize in game development and gamification. Games have an incredible ability to create meaningful and long-lasting experiences with users. We can take on the challenge of creating a full game or offer game development assistance based on your needs.

Prototyping AR / VR Game Design Full Game Dev Assistance Unity Unreal App Development

What a work of art.

Perhaps you don’t require interactivity, but you still need to visualize your products, services and content. There are still numerous ways to accomplish this!

We specialize in static art of all kinds. We can design a modern visual look for your brand. We can also create illustrations and concept drawings for your upcoming project. And don’t worry, even 3D renders do not pose a challenge to us.

Sometimes static is not enough, it needs to be moving, it needs to be animated! This is why we have the experience needed to create some impressive 2D animations as well as motion graphics. We even have the capabilities to rig, animate and texture objects in order to produce stunning 3D visuals.

Vector Design Visual Branding Digital Art Motion Graphics 3D Modeling 2D / 3D Animation VFX Photography Video

Never skip a beat.

Are you looking for professional audio to go with your tv-show or video game? You’ve come to the right place.

Our audio talents have years and years of experience of creating audio for large-scaled productions. We can field record, record dialogue and voice-over, create additional sounds and finally mix and master them into your audio visual productions such as tv-shows and films.

We also specialize in audio design for games. Whether it’d be creating sound effects for your characters and environments or composing an epic original soundtrack, it is all doable. We will create all the music and sounds needed from scratch and also implement them straight into your game project using tools such as FMOD and Wwise.

Audio Implementation Field Recording Music Sounds Mixing & Mastering Dialogue & Recording FMOD

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We’re a team of creatives excited about unique ideas to help companies grow by crafting interactive experiences.

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