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Introducing Hopped Up!

Hopped Up! is an online competitive party game that uses frog-based mechanics in a variety of fun elimination game modes.

Hopped Up Main Art

Game Brief

You play as an adorable little frog along with 29 other frogs online. Each game session consists of 5-6 rounds of wacky and fast-paced minigames. These minigames can be categorized into race, collection and survival. If you perform poorly during one of these rounds, you may get disqualified and you need to try again. Your goal is to qualify all the way to the final round to compete for ultimate victory. Each game session lasts roughly about 20 minutes.

The mechanics of Hopped Up! rely heavily on the way real frogs move and interact. You get to perform massive jumps, climb certain types of walls and even use your tongue to slow down other frogs. These mechanics are the bread and butter of our mantra for the game “Fun from designed chaos”. We are hoping these funny, unexpected and sometimes frustrating moments get shared among the community of the game, which entices other people to try out the game as well.

We are trying to make Hopped Up! an accessible game for everyone who love to play games that have a competitive aspect to them. This game will be best enjoyed with friends as it is endlessly replayable and enjoyable. Our targeted platforms at the moment are PCs and consoles.

Looking in to the future with Hopped Up!

We have been working on Hopped Up! part-time for the past four weeks or so while gaining insight through the Finnish Game Incubator program. A special thanks to Tomi Toikka and Joni Lappalainen together with Ahlman for organizing the program! This has been an amazing passion project for us. We will continue to provide interactive and creative solutions for our clients, all the while working on Hopped Up! We are hoping Hopped Up! is the game that will eventually allow us to form a team for full-time game development.

If you are interested in knowing more about Hopped Up!, you can send us an email to We can provide our pitch deck as well as our game design document. We are more than happy to have any kind of funding negotiations. 🐸

Hopped Up Customized Frog
Hopped Up Frog and Flytrap

For any inquiries concerning our client services, don’t hesitate to get in touch to one of us through our Contact page! 😎

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