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March 25, 2021

Mohavi Originals: Straight Line Mission Across Winter Finland

Two lads attempt to cross their hometown of Lempäälä in a completely straight line during a heavy snowstorm. Nothing will go wrong, right?

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Introducing Mohavi Originals

Mohavi Originals is a new video series showcasing the skills of the people at Mohavi through original video content. This content will be able to showcase our variety of skills such as script writing, filming, video editing, audio and animation. Pretty much anything that can be shown in video format. We want to give our workers and freelancers a platform and an opportunity to showcase their original creations. 

Brutal Snow Trek

In the first episode of Mohavi Originals, our Creative Director Teemu and his good friend Mikke attempted a brutal wintery challenge. Inspired by GeoWizard's epic videos, the adventurous duo wanted to try a straight line mission of their own and figured that the easiest and most interesting impromptu route would be through their hometown of Lempäälä. Due to their busy schedules and Mikke flying back to Scotland, they only had one day in early January to attempt their mission. The pair brought their cameras with them and documented most of the journey and created a thrilling short video documentary.

22 kilometers in one day seemed feasible enough, but advancing through the snow and navigating straight through obstacles proved slower and more exhausting than they could've ever imagined. Their exhausting journey culminated in dramatic fashion when the duo had to cross a frozen river in pitch-black darkness. In the end, the duo covered about 3/5ths of the way while still clocking in 15 kilometers in ten hours. 

Most footage was shot with Canon and Sony DSLRs. Editing was done in Premiere Pro, color correction primarily in Lightroom and all motion graphics and animation in After Effects.

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