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December 2, 2020

Kangasalan Välkkyvä Vesijärvi

Kangasalan Välkkyvä Vesijärvi ry wants to ensure lake Vesijärvi will be clean and usable for future generations. Their website provides important information about the lake and the organization maintaining it. So, it was important this information is clear and accessible to all current and future residents. A modern and easy to update website was needed.

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    UI & Web Design

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    Kangaslan Välkkyvä Vesijärvi

Open Project

For Future Generations

The main goal of the organization Kangasalan Välkkyvä Vesijärvi was to create a website where information can be found clearly with straight forward use. It was important for the board that the website does not convey a false environmentalism image of the organization. They're sole purpose is to maintain and keep the lake in excellent condition for future generations to come. Therefore, the colors and the website layout were carefully thought of during the development process.

Using Wordpress allowed us to use a wide range of different plugins which enabled us to create custom banners for example. The free and open-source CMS (Content Management System) offers incredible free templates to use as building blocks for a website. These allow us to keep the cost for the customer down while still delivering high quality.

Smooth Sailing

Kangasalan Välkkyvä Vesijärvi ry knew what was needed and they were great to work with. After having initial meetings with the client and hearing the base wishes of how the website should look and feel, we had plenty of free range to chose when it came to the design of the website.

The client was pleased with the results and they are now able to easily and freely update the website with any additional content.


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