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2020 Mohavi Year Review

The year is slowly coming to a close, so why don’t we reflect a little bit on what has happened this year for us, shall we? Spoiler alert, it was quite a wild ride! We’ll also give you a small glimpse of what’s to come from us starting early next year.

Blog Post Mohavi 2020 Year Review

Phew, what a year it has been.

It was quite remarkable how our startup journey began. We founded Mohavi at the end of February and a few weeks later it seemed like the world was heading towards turmoil. Lockdowns, companies going bankrupt, a massive concern for the health of others and so on. How on earth would a brand new startup survive this? We were destined to be doomed.

Luckily, we had already secured a few projects before the pandemic, therefore we were able to survive spring pretty well. Also, we had worked remotely plenty beforehand so it was natural to embrace that fully. A small public grant helped keep us afloat and we were ready to continue to push the company forward.

Mohavi took advantage of this time to learn as much as we could about entrepreneurship. We took part in the Red Brick Accelerator startup program which aided us to understand the fundamentals of running a startup. The program was an immense help for us and we probably wouldn’t be here today without being a part of RBA. However, it was only during summer, when we really started to get the ball rolling.

Memorable projects and fjords

The second half of the year has been extremely busy for us. So far we’ve had the pleasure to work with a dozen of client projects this year, with some under NDA. The projects have ranged from small to large scale with varying challenges. However, we’ve managed to overcome the challenges each time and learn massively from them.

So far our projects have mostly dealt with AR, game development, websites and audio design. We are currently busy working on a couple of large projects related to 3D character modeling and VR. Unity has been utilized in many of our projects, even outside of game development. This has helped us embrace adding interactivity and making use of the game engine with it’s powerful tools and plugins.

Our clients have been very pleased working with Mohavi, so we are hopeful of further collaboration in the future. Big shout out to our freelancers, Eetu and Isabel, for lending their hand on multiple occasions! We have and have had interns working with us, which has been a great learning experience for both parties. 

We did also remember to relax and take it easy amongst all the work. The founders visited the picturesque northern parts of Norway with a caravan during August. It was quite a nice bonding experience for us. 😎

So, what’s in store for 2021?

Game development has always been a big passion for us. Let’s not forget, all the founders met each other during university game studies a few years ago. We have had projects where game design has been an integral part, but we feel like we are ready to branch out further. We are starting to explore independent game development as part of our operations at Mohavi. And to fully commit to this new venture of ours, we are now part of the second batch of the ongoing Finnish Game Incubator. It is a programme for upcoming startups to learn the secrets of the game industry from professionals and veterans alike and apply them to their game project. And so far, it’s definitely been worth it. 

We will continue to help our clients with creative solutions, but we will be dedicating a portion of our time to tackle our internal game projects as well. We can’t wait to reveal to you all what we are developing currently. Don’t worry, we’ll be revealing stuff sometime next year! 🐸

But before this, you will get to see us move to our first proper office space! Yes, Mohavi will be moving to the new Platform6 startup house in Tampere starting from January. We will be spending the first weeks of the upcoming year setting up our office with fancy gadgets and bean bag chairs. It will be a hustle, but surely some fun as well. It will be a blast to meet all the other startups inside Platform6 and get to work with a fresh new attitude.


But hey, we’ve enjoyed our journey so far and hopefully you’ve also enjoyed witnessing our shenanigans. Enjoy the holidays and see you next year!

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