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About us

Our story.

Anthony, Teemu, Severi and Pauli met during their university game studies back in 2018. The four young lads teamed up for a video game client project during the next summer. The succesful and well-functioning teamwork eventually led to more and more client projects. In early 2020, the idea of handling these projects through a company started to tempt the team. And here we are today. Mohavi’s freelance network also started to build up over time.

Mohavi is a reference to Anthony’s origins from the Mojave Desert. He has wondered the rocky terrain and dusty deserts of Nevada for most of his life, until eventually moving to Finland in his early 20s. Mohavi is an omen to his past.

Mohavi Animated Desert

Our team.

We develop products from start to finish. These skills are essential to modern marketing and business development. We can support your marketing with interactive content, create product showcases, further develop your brand and allow your company to communicate new messages.

Anthony Vanoostendorp

+358 451427413

Anthony Vanoostendorp

CEO, Producer

Teemu Niskanen


Teemu Niskanen

Creative Director

Severi Jokiperä


Severi Jokiperä

Lead Programmer

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