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What Are Digital Interactive Experiences?

Do you remember when cereal boxes would come with toys? That was an amazing interactive experience as a kid. Similarly when computers started to become a thing, they even included video games you could play, bringing it to a digital interactive experience.

We currently live in the digital world and we interact in many different ways on different platforms day-to-day. Whether it be playing a video game, scrolling through Netflix or even just clicking a link on a website. They are all digital interactive experiences. Good ones feel natural and might not even be thought of, while bad ones make you feel frustrated and annoyed. Great interactions leave long lasting impressions, are often shared with other people and even help develop loyalty. Businesses need that to survive.

There are endless ways to add digital interactive experiences and many companies are already doing this. From AI based chat bots to minigames within online advertisements. As well as having interactive product showcases as an app.

Words are okay. A picture says a thousand words. Video or animation say a million. But actual interactions with any of that content is on a completely new level. The team behind Mohavi wants to make the best digital interactive experiences and we know it is worth doing. All purchasing decisions are made by humans, humans make decisions based on logic and feelings, and feelings are formed by our experiences.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

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65% of marketers see direct sales boosts from marketing with experiences (source)

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98% of consumers are more inclined to make a purchase after an experience (source)

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74% of consumers have a more positive perception of brand, product or service after an experience (source)

Finally the best part about digital interactive experiences is that it can be customized in amazing ways to really target what your business needs. You can track audience engagement, points of interest and retention time to earn valuable data. This in return means learning more about your customer and what they value. 

Let’s make your audience interact and engage with your business in new, immersive ways!

Stay safe, wash those hands and let’s talk! ✌

     -Mohavi Team

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