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July 21, 2020

Salusiini Website Redesign

High quality clothing and interior design brand Salusiini has offered design services for more than a decade. Now it was time to make their website high quality as well. We tackled this project in a more cost-effective manner and it provided us with a seamless work flow that made us and the client happy.

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Textile Design Meets Web Design

Salusiini offers handmade clothing and interior design solutions using high quality fabrics. The design brand has an extensive product and service line ranging from furniture and carpet design all the way to their own clothing brand UNIHIEKKA.

We were asked to create a new updated website. As a desire from the client the website needed to be straighthforward and fresh with pictures playing a big visual role.

Salusiini Front Page Animation

Cost-efficiency and Customization

We were pleasantly surprised by the concept material and the format of those materials Ritva Niskanen, owner of Salusiini, provided us. This was a case where the customer knew exactly what they wanted from the very beginning. This in return made our work incredibly seamless and also allowed us to explore more customization options. Towards the end we only had to do a few design reiterations.

The new and improved Salusiini website is powered by Wordpress. Wordpress has many great and free Templates to use as a base for a website. We were then able to add custom features to the site, such as animations, and transitions as well as the power to use a range of different plugins. These allow us to keep the cost for the customer down while still delivering high quality.

We made sure the Salusiini website is versatile. The website works smoothly on mobile and on any unique resolution it is being displayed on.

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